Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Uma luta à moda do Conan. Ha muitas coisas que precisam de ser melhoradas ainda mas já nao se parece tanto com o homem azul que fiz aqui ha uns meses atrás. Apesar de algumas falhas senti alguns progressos na anatomia, resultado de exercícios que tenho feito de sketches. O pior é que ainda demoro muito a pintar. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Hey man... heres some crits for you... There are some anatomy issues like the foreground guy's waist and his right arm. Try some Bridgeman studies. They will teach you construction of figures, while its it might take you longer to get that out of drawing figures from photos.
    About colour... If something is red, the shadow doesnt have to be a darker version of that red. Something I did when I was starting out was open up some inspirational artwork whilst I paint. So I can see how professionals paint and try to do something similar with the painting I am working on. In that way I have reference there but I am not directly copying it but using it to refer myself on how someone else tackled colour or a similar subject to what I was doing. This way you are also still studying and referencing even though you are doing your own work. Find some paintings of something similar to what you are painting and see how they paint. See how someone paints the shadows of a red piece of clothing, is it just a darker version of the red on that shirt?

  2. Thanks Ben. Keep them coming :)