Saturday, 1 May 2010

It would take me day and a half more or less if I had done it in one go. It's still too much time for something like this, but at least I think I'm improving a bit, and I guess I understand better the process. Anyway, it's not that good but I think it's a good effort. If I knew how I would try to work more on a few things that I think are missing, like humidity and texture (I would say).


  1. Not bad! Dont worry about speed yet, it comes with experience. Focus on quality before speed. These are looking better than your older figures. The colours are less unnatural (before you had the shadows as just a dark version of the body colour) Now you are getting some temperature changes in them. Generally colours go cooler as they go into shadow. So something red might have its dark side red go off towards some blue and darken its values too.

  2. Thanks Ben. Yeah I'm trying a bit of that, instead of decreasing only the value of a colour when I need a darker tone I'm also playing around with the Hue. These I actually did without colour picking from photos, to experiment if I could at least sense the colours I needed without help.