Friday, 30 July 2010

just trying a new aproach. this is just a bad doodle. why do I keep forgeting that without a good drawing as a base there's no such thing as a good painting.


  1. Vey nice dude! The gradients work very well for the sky and adds peth to the sea. Great visual storytelling in here too. Well done with conveying a story here and good to see the adventurous perspective looking down the valley. The bird has some odd anatomy. You could probably have used some reference for it. Maybe if we see a reflection of the mountains in the sea it will be even better.
    Keep rocking man!

  2. Thanks Ben! Your comments are always welcome. Yes, I was thinking about storytelling when I did this one. I'm going to try to focus more on that from now on. When doing an illustration, being more focus in showing some kind of happening rather than just some guy jumping rendered as best as I can. That s why I also didn t put a great effort in the drawing :S and it shows. the bird is weird and everything looks bare in my opinion. But anyway, one more step in the road I guess :D
    Thanks again.