Sunday, 8 August 2010

Some enviroments sketchs trying some new technique. I wish I could get better at this stuff:S


  1. Wow dude! I can see you stepping it up! Good going these last few updates are looking great! The bottom environments have a good overall impression. You are improving on the distant things as well, normally you have a tendency to put too much hard edges there or make the sky look flat but you are getting more depth here now. With the middle left you can still soften the edges at the top of that mountain. Imagine its slightly smudged in with the sky so that the edge "disappears." This is a common trick in painting when something is less important or at a distance you make the edges disappear. Your doing great dude! Keep it up!

  2. These look great!! deffinite improvement in these environments!

  3. Thanks guys. I'm really happy with them but I do know I have a lot to improve. Thanks for the tips Ben. I'll try to put them to practice next time I adventure myself with environments.

    Ok ok, i'm not lookin in detail like Ben does, and since I like them pretty much ++, I don't want to critice (for once) so, i'll just speak my heart : I LIKE THEM VERY MUCH :)
    Do some more of that technic ! This is really really nice ! :) I didn't check ur blog for ages and i'm WAY surprised by the improvement u did :) It is really takin a gooooooood orientation (well, ojectively... I should say : I like it ;D) ahah. (THAT reminds me HOW I should goddamn update mine.) uhuh. And i'm takin the occasion to tell you...what I think of ur last comic post. I like the style u adopted for the first background ! I do like the way u colored it ! It reminds me of some book i read when i was younger. I mean it is a STYLE. Depends if you want that one or not ! But it could be sufficient in my opinion. BUT, this is what i think for the colours u choose ONLY for the landscape. I think afterwards u changed a bit the harmony (for the next pages) and i don't like it as much... I think it has to do with my taste for pastel colours.. (don't mind me too much... ahah. I'm such a fine one to talk T_T again!) anyway... :) maybe u should only listen to yourself :) i'm pretty confident you've already find your way...

    BTW ! Are you back to Portugal ?... WHEN DO U COME TO SEE US IN PARIS ?! :P Take care Dude !!! Xxx

  5. :D Hello Anne :D What a great comment! you should come here more often. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm trying to do more landscapes using this technique but it's harder to make other kind of stuff with this, and that's what I really wanted to be able to do. these ones are just to random.

    About the comics pages, your comment actually made me rethink about doing a comic book as soon as I can. It's what I like more to do and I keep busy with all the other stuff and always leave the comics to do some other time. about the colour used... I hate it :S all of it. The drawings were not great, but I think the colour made them look worst.

    And finally, yes! I'm back in Portugal :D and as soon as I can I will visit you and Heléne in Paris. Thanks and stop by always!