Sunday, 7 September 2014

20 minutes each. URGHHH!! It shows how limited my art still is. Have to keep practicing :S


  1. Hi Luis. thank you for your wonderful comments. Im currently trying to find the best way to incorparate little bits of backgrounds and props to tell a better story with the character and to make the illustration look alot better.

    Your paintings have gone up alot of levels man. youve found a nice style but i suppose, the more you paint, the more this style is going to evolve and get better and better. i hope to see more paintings from you that i am forced to also draw more.

    Thanks again for the positive feedback Luis.

    See you soon dude.

  2. Thanks a lot Ibbs. I think I'm starting to understand a (tiny) bit better how colour works. Strangely enough I think I lost a bit of my drawing skills, so that's what I'm going to focus on these next weeks.

    Anyway, do drop by more often, and keep up the great work man. I LOVE those turtles :)