Friday, 2 April 2010

Working a bit more on anatomy. These are made from my imagination after copying anatomy for one hour from Bridgman's Anatomy book. More studies to be done for sure. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Good work man! These are good exercises. They are looking fairly good, the ones where the poses are more dynamic and in a difficult perspective looks a bit odd however. Like the poses in the middle left page. These kind of poses are hard cause we are not used to seeing them. Remember that muscles dont always kep the same shape and size. Now heres the weird suggestion... it is helpful to stand naked in front of a mirror and observe these poses yourself. That is a good exercise to familiarize yourself with how muscles might look in different poses. And do it because I like the idea of u being naked too!

  2. Yes! I knew that the day would come when you finally would try to get me naked Ben Ho! About anatomy, yes, I really have to get the basic stuff correct because anatomy with perspective is harder than I seem to remember. Thanks for the critique. I have to try harder!!