Sunday, 17 October 2010

I'm going fairy tale :S One more step towards one of the things I want to do well.


  1. Nice one dude!
    Watch your dark values... they are too close to black which flattens the image. Especially the black in the distance. you can blur the edge between the dark trees and the night sky and lighten the tree silohuettes. With the foreground branch. Its a very nice touch. Again its a bit too plain and too black. You can add a rim light/ back light to help define the form some more. Steady improvements dude!

  2. Thanks Ben! Only after I finished this one I realised that a very dim back light in the foreground silhouettes would look really nice. about the background, I find it hard sometimes to blur things in the distance without making them loose their form. I have to work on that too. Thanks again for your help. keep them coming please.

  3. If you have trouble with something like distances, pull out some references and take a look at how it looks and maybe ry find paintings where artists tackled the same problem