Monday, 14 March 2011

"No. Mischief is a small thing, a toy I've well used and discarded. This isn't mischief. This is mayhem. Just watch." - Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief -


  1. Mate! This is looking good! A lot better than your older ones. A few pointers... Some of the values are too close together and so fade into each other. You want generally separate different elements like the characters and the background. Loki is cut out of the background well with the yellow lighting. Good work. You could push the highlights on the foreground horn to pop that out of Loki's body. The darks of the horn is merging with the darks of Loki atm. It is helpful to lower Loki's darks around that horn so that it is clearly behind it.
    With his cape, it looks flat like its a shape thats cut into the painting. It will be rare to find a cape that static in real life, you can add some folds and pockets of air where the wind lifts it. Show the crease in the cape where there is tension, tension will occur where the cape is in contact with the body... Have a look at this:

    Keep up the solid work brother!

  2. Hehe. I'm still checking ;) & I like the style you're going into/ using those days ! ... Seems to me you improved -like- LOADS. I'm... -WOW- impressed. I mean...I'm liking more and more you're pics so :P I damn! hope you're getting more confident ! ^^ Really really a nice pic...! (if I was a teacher from Penninghen, I would only say... ;P ...about the hair boots... ehehe. Not really my type of boots you know, so maybe I'm not objective on this one :D The contrast of texture is nice ! But, I dunno, they don't totaly look perfect :D LOL that's it. said :/ sorry couldn't help it :P) I know you'll forgive me since : 1)I'm the finest one to talk 2)I'm not even updating... TT_TT" hehe. Anyway... I'll be looking foward to your next post ! :) And I'll be sending you some news really soon :P Sooo gimme some as well !!!! :P Luis ! C'mon ! :) Well at least I'm sure you're alive... :P

    Ok. I'll stop the flood on your blog :D heheh

  3. Thanks Ben! I'm glad you're liking it :) I wish I could do this kind of thing all the time.
    Yeah, Matt pointed the thing with the cape to me too and I guess I was just so close to finishing it that I couldn't bother any more :S LASY ME!! about the horn, I completely agree with you.I just noted something weird about the horn after I finished the piece. (And I have this weird idea that each piece I do works like a statement at the time of my level, and as such I never go back to change it after it s finished. That and I'M SOOO LAZY :S ). Anyway, thanks a LOT for your encouragement and critiques. This one wouldn't be made without your help. But stay around, I'll promess I'll get better :D HAIL TO THE METAL KINGS!!

  4. YEY Anne!!! Comment êtes-vous? thanks for commenting. I'm glad you like what you see (next time I'll do some leather boots :) As you can see I'm still Alive and Kicking. I also wish we could talk more often (and I would like to see more of your art if possible). I hope everything is alright with you. Please, do drop by more. Thanks again and have a great time (I'll promess I'll write an email to you soon telling you about what I've been up too. I DEMAND a reply ;) ) baisers pour toi et Hélène. Oué Oué Je suis trés content parce que... :D:D:D


  6. Obrigado Bacchus
    De tudo o que já fiz, este é sem duvida o meu favorito. Saiu tudo como eu queria (claro que ainda há muito para ser melhorado) e foi um prazer fazer :D
    A ouvir Manowar e a lembrar-me das histórias que mais gosto do Loki e do Thor. Adoro este personagem. Sacana de primeira mas com um sentido de humor muito bom. Para mim, entre vilões, só o Joker ultrapassa este. Mas com esse eu não me meto :)