Friday, 11 February 2011

A slow but steady comeback!! Hail to all the comic geeks :D:D:D


  1. Yes Luis! Yeees!, looking nice, I like the style, seems different from most of your other stuff, maybe a little break did you good?

    I like the loose style, and the watercolour look, obviously theres a few little things I could nit pick, but no point, its good progress.

    Was this done sraight into digital? and if so was it photoshop?

  2. Hey Daniel, thanks for your comment. It was done entirely using Photoshop, I think it looks a bit different because I tried a different approach. But please do nit pick so I can learn a few things :) what would you do different or what is your advice? By the way, thanks for the Batman/Zombie/hanging willy dude :D