Friday, 19 March 2010

I'm back. And I do hope that I don't have to stop again. Here's some stuff that I've been copying from an Anatomy book (I always forget the name). Anyway, yeah, I have to work big time on anatomy. I was trying to learn about women but quickly I saw that I don't even know the basics for anatomy. So this is the start. I'm going to copy this book from cover to cover. Some people say it's worth it, some people say it isn't, and some people (like me) don't really care about what some people have to say. NOT YOU BEN!! To me you're like Cassiopeia pointing the North direction at night :) It's always good to have your feedback. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha lol Thanks man. Indeed, dont always listen to critique and follow it. Decide if you agree with it or not, Im sure you know all of that stuff. Its good to see u doing these and drawing from your imagination at the same time cause that is how you test if you are taking these studies in rather than just 'copying' mindlessly. Mixing it up with imaginary figures will help you to keep thinking and analyzing what you learned. See you real soon dude!