Monday, 1 March 2010

Here are some more exercises that I've been doing. Hands! Can’t seem to be enough ever. They're really good to get me into this habit of sketching everyday more and faster. Women! I'm always disappointed with what I do when I try to draw a woman body, and it's been like this for a long time. So I guess I decided 'no more!’ I'm going to try to practice women anatomy the next weeks. These are copied from photos, and like with the hands, I'm going to try to put in practice what I learn with this exercises. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Looking good. Watch some of the torsos they are looking like plasticine sometimes - too stretched. Remember that there is often a twist in the shoulders and hips that work against each other (try an exaggerated walk and you should notice). Think of what happens to the torso when these twists happen. Imagine the torso is a pillow where you can see the edges down the side. If you take the bottom and the top of the pillow and twist them in the opposite direction, you can see how the side's edges twists, think of that when you angle the hips and shoulders.

  2. man, the pillow! I tried briefly and I think I m going to be looking and drawing loads of pillows in the next few days. Thanks once again Dragon.