Friday, 26 February 2010

I can't believe I'm showing this here. But hey, when I decided to do this blog one of the things I wanted was to post here ALL the steps of the way, and not only the ones that I like more. So, these are my first try at caricatures. I intend to do at least one per day. These look really horrible. My intention (for now) is to have them without a finished look. I just want to learn how to distort someone’s face without making it unrecognizable. So here's my first couple of tries. The bald one was supposed to be Billy Corgan, the second Tom Cruise, and the third Bruce Willis. I'm just a little bit happy with the last one. Still, a looooooooooooooong way to go. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Nice work dude! Again, you need some harder edges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some places are ok with the soft-ish edges but you need to vary them more. Check this link for a description of what Im talking about. Note the sphere exercise popping up there as an example!

  2. I think I m finally starting to understand what you mean about the edges. now I just have to be able to REALLY understand it and start aplying it. that tutorial is great. I m going to start waking up screaming 'EDGEES!!!!' :D thanks Ben.