Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ok I'm back :) Finally! I had some deadlines and some storyboard stuff to do for my course that was just too urgent for me to look into anything else. Anyway, new exercises for me. This one is not from a photo. It is actually part of our lounge. It is so hard to do this. It looks awful and that is why I'm going to try to do one each day. I think I can learn loads if I keep doing them. (but a bit more simple than this one:)


  1. Too many blurry edges man! Maybe theres too much to paint here that you couldnt get into the details and observe deeper. Try a bigger brush, maybe start off with a midtone colour too, there are some whites showing out from the 'canvas'. Maybe you can start off by blocking things in very generally with a big brush and then u can rework it by chiseling into the shapes and pulling shapes out too.

  2. Looking good!!! Nice colors! I´m still able to tell what is what!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    I look forward for the next one!!

    Daniel Mercúrio!

  3. @ Dragon,
    Yeah, I think I did this one without thinking. I didn't use any kind of method and it really shows. I have to focus on only one object and study it deeper instead of just trying to do the whole table. I'll keep in mind your tips for the next one. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Pá, aqui podes falar em português ganda maluco. E a ver se te arranjo uns óculos porque se achas que isto está bom andas mesmo a precisar de uns :) Brigadão por deixares comentário. Vai aparecendo.