Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Here are some more exercices I've been doing. Hands and more hands. Some more anatomy from my imagination. My comic books love always drops in and I seem to always be forcing this crazy perspective on the figures. So for now some of them really look weird. Also, I still have loads to understand when it comes to bones and joints, etc. The third one is from a sculpture. I have to do more of that. Observing from 3D is really nice to improve (at least the understanding) of what I'm drawing. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Good stuff man! Yeah, strange perspectives are hard (I still cant do them for figures) but when you practiced it enough they will gradually get better. I wished I did more tough perspective characters then I could have got all the bad drawings out of the way. Like I said before... a good exercise is to do studies and imagination at the same time so that you can refer to your studies/ reference when you draw from imagination and life which will test how well you memorized things. Drawing from life is like memory drawing... because after drawing referenced loads u will know how to describe a form and reuse that knowledge to help you. Its a lil contradictory of the thing I told u about drawing things as shapes and not let your brain tell you that its a face or whatever. But this is prob a lil advance when you can break the rules :P

  2. Thanks Ben DragHo :) ! I've been using what you told me about drawing something from my mind and having next to me the anatomy book for the special 'how the hell am I going to draw that' parts. But it's still really useful for me to think of it still as forms. I think the good thing is to have several 'tools' or ways of thinking to solve the problem. At least that's how I feel about doing hands now. Not that they are perfect, I still have a long way to go. But they surely look like a Da Vinci compared to what I was doing 2 months ago :)