Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Some more exercices like the ones from yesterday. I pick a nice photo and USING THE COLOUR PICKER I try to copy it. I do this with a thick brush so I can observe subtles variations in colour on the same surface. I really don't like to use the colour picking tool. I feel like I'm cheating. But, these exercices are really helping me to see some stuff I never noticed before. I think I'll do a couple more in the next few days and then I'll stop using that tool. blerrghh. I'll just use it for studies, nothing more. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Hey man these studies are looking good! Personally Id say dont worry about using the colour picker for now, the first step is to get used to seeing colour and get used to seeing values in them. Then when you get more confident in that, move on to no colour pickings. Also, when colour picking... sometimes check to see if you can guess the colour on the colour chart. Heres a good tutorial I found that explains how the colour chart in photosop works:

  2. hey louie, phil here. Thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you ! its exciting to see some paintings on here. Diving in the deep end, which is great. sometimes i tend to see if i can pick the colour, try to understand why i have chosen it then if it isnt correct then colour pick anyway and see how close I am to the original, then see if I can make it work better. ok, back to games ... remember once we talked about a game you were into way back when about samurai and feudal leadership... I think its called 'Sword of the Samurai' and its by the game designer legend Sid Meier. Ill be checking back real soon.. toodlepip !


  3. Hey Ben, that tutorial is really good for me. My next step I think will be exactly that one, but I think I'm going to try to do it from life. I think me and my computer are going for some tours :) I'll try to 'guess' the colours of stuff around me and paint some studies. I can't wait :) I already can see how frustrating it may be at the beginning but I think I'll learn a lot.
    Thanks again for your feedback and you precious tips :)
    ROCK ON!!

  4. Hey Phil!! eheh, glad to talk to you man :) Thanks man. I'm trying hard to learn how to paint. It's hard but it's fun. And when I do something from my head and I don't think it's completely horrible, it really feels good :) About the colour picking tool,... I see it as a sneaky little tool. Very useful for learning and use but very very easy for me to get addicted. Thanks for coming by man. Please be more than free to give feedback or criticize. Ben is helping loads and loads, but I'm always looking for more opinions.
    (about the game) I think I found a site where you can get it. let me know if you want it :)

  5. more help :)

    http://itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm - This guy makes it easy to understand and gives some basics.

    http://itchstudios.com/psg/main.php?id=ps55paint - also this

    http://itchstudios.com/psg/tuts/process.jpg - and this

    Im not usually a fan of someone just showing the process and being "there u go look how good i am" but i think this guy explains what he is actually doing. make sure u check out the old game remakes too :)


  6. Hey thanks Phil. these links are sweet! I'm going to read all this stuff and then try it myself. Keep them coming :)