Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm quite happy with this one, mostly because it was made in about 2 hours :D


  1. Hey Luis, im liking the atmosphere on this last one, Fucking Aliens attacking us!! is that a study from portugal? le seul problème is that i think a little more time spent on the shape and placement of the UFO's could be useful. Perhaps play with the scale of them too. Anyway man keep BANGING them out

  2. yes dude!!

    matts first comment. looking nice man, atmospheric, i can imagine a story, a setting, a feeling, theres allot of things working in this piece man, keep going! King vs the aliens concept art... thats what it looks like to me, awsome man

  3. @DannyB - Hey man!! thanks a lot :D You have to keep droping by to give me your insights. yes this is a study from Portugal. I went to the country side and found these UFO's going around the volcano. I thought they were aliens but apparently it was baby jesus in his new spaceship. how do I know that? someone told me :|

    @Matthew Waldren - Finally!! Elvis is in the building!! :D hey I m glad you like it. I wish I could do this kind of stuff more often. This one was a flu. please keep leaving comments. Thanks dudster :)