Tuesday, 28 September 2010

YEYY!!! - 100th POST!!! - It's almost a year since I started this blog and I'm quite happy to see how much I upgraded my drawing and my painting skills since. Although it is still far away from where I want to get, the progress is happening and that's what I want most. That, and to enjoy the ride :D I have to thank all my friends that help me to progress, specially Ben Ho that always find time to give me some wisdom. ROCK ON!! Anyway, my birthday was last Sunday and me and my girlfriend went to the river and did some canoeing with some friends at night. The moon was there, millions of stars, and it felt like it should always be. So yeah, this one is cheesy all the way :D :D :D

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  1. Nice one mate! Happy Birthday too! A few crits as your present...
    Your enthasis are the characters and the canoe but the amount of details in the background takes away from the character focus. The sharpness of the edges of the star effects is too contrasting and so is their light value next to the dark background. The moon is also a light value against the dark. Try to control your values to compliment the main focus. Have your lightest lights and darkest darks around the main focus and thus have the greatest contrast there. Contrast in values, colour and details. Think of it as areas of noisy details vs areas of quiet details, give the eye a break and so control the viewer's gaze.
    You can probably knock back the background with a haze like distance between your characters and the backdrop (and in this haze the contrast is lower), turn up the details and amount of values in the characters (like with the hemlemts, punch them out! Its fairly subtle here and the star's sparkles has more sharper edges than the helmets, it should be the other way round). The characters are all sitting in the midtone range, it can do with some darks or lights to punch it out of the background.
    Looking cool mate. Im very pleased with the progress you have made and will continue to make Im sure. Keep up the mother fucking intensity brother of metallllllllllllll!!!!!