Monday, 6 September 2010

More thumb tries. Not as good as the previous one I think, but I'm trying to do stuff that I'm not confortable with, so is all good I guess. I do think the one from the top is an improvement from the lower one. Have to keep going.


  1. Fucking awesome mate! These are looking great! I think the main places u can improve is having the colours unify. Most noticeable is your greens and blues are a bit odd or conflicting. The ground reflects light that comes from the sky and it should have a bit of the sky's atmosphere in the overall environment. This is especially more noticeable in the distant areas where there is more atmosphere between you and the that distance.
    The way atmosphere works is this: as you go further away things becomes more blue right? Well, thats kinda true but here is the proper thing thats happening: as you move further away red colours the other colours (red and yellow) fade away and leaves blue behind. Red is the first colour to fade off in the distance, then it is yellow and ten blue. So you will be able to see all the colours of a green tree but as you move away it will start turning blue because the yellow is leaving it (green = yellow + blue). Keep it up bro!

  2. thanks again for the tips Ben!

    Now that you said that, I remember that I have read it somewhere before. That s one of my main problems. I think there is soo much things going on that I keep forgeting loads of them. But hey, I guess that s just the way it goes. I just have to keep it up :D And thanks again for not letting me forget this things and for teaching me new ones.


  3. these are some really nice images you've created louis. Your painting skills are improving amazingly. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks Ibs :) man do drop by more times. I need all the advice I can get. what have you been up too?