Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Not happy at all with this one. Too much time and too much work for a not so good result :S have to do more exercises.


  1. Some improvements in this one dude! You have some harder edges which is great to see! The eagle is looking goood. With the other bird,you can match it's values overall better. The head and its upper body is more rich in contrast but its lower body is faded off in colour and value so it doesnt look like its part of the same creature. The background can be more suggestive too. Afterall the main focus are the two birds, the background should compliment them, Im finding the darks of the tree is conflicting with the darks in the eagle. So if the background is not as important then you can lower the details in there and tone down the contrast (the trees are quite dark and the sky is quite light so they create a lot of contrast but are not the focus). This really is choosing your lightest lights and darkest darks more carefully. Also the cropping can be changed too. I wouldnt crop the wings off the eagle and the small bird like that. Id cut the bottom off and add more space at the top. The action is going upwards so you should leave space for them to move into.

  2. Hey man, thank you very much for your detailed critic. That s what I need to read so I can get better :) so thank you again.

    now about the stuff, I wanted to give the idea that the eagle was further than the little bird. I wanted to show everything from the perspective of the little bird, but I think I failed miserably. One of the reasons being what yuo said about the trees. Because they were closer than the other ones I thought about giving them a darker value, and I completely forgot that the focus point of the painting should be the birds :S I just saw it after. And yes, I made the eagle bigger so it would have a more menacing look and completly missed the fact that I was making the composition messy because I was missing the eagle values with the tree behind it, as you pointed out. And that s why I did so many blur effects etc. I was desperate :S

    But hey, overall it was a good experience :) I'm looking forward to the next step up the ladder of self improvement. Thanks a lot for your help!