Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tentei dar um pouco de volume ao desenho, ajustei a cara e alguns pormenores, e dei só um tom no fim para alterar o preto e branco. Gosto bastante do resultado mas ainda demoro muito tempo a fazer um destes. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Nice one dude! But think about the property of the material when you are lighting it. The lighting here is the same on the flesh and the metal and throughout the image. Light interacts with different materials in different ways, like metallic surfaces will have more contrasts as they are reflective, flesh has a smoother transition etc. When doing these paintings from imagination, dont be afraid to get reference. Its almost like doing a study when you can refer to something and see how it really looks like.

  2. Thanks Ben. I was so happy with the look of the thing that only when I finished I realized exactly that. Everything seems to be done of the same material. I'm going to start doing some studies of the reflective properties of materials from photos. Ride on!