Saturday, 23 January 2010

A couple more studies. Sometimes I feel like trying to do less detailed studies of metal, but I came to realize that what I really enjoy in paintings that have armours in them, is the detail that makes some of those pieces look like they jump from the page (or screen). So I think, at least for metal studies, I'll keep trying to get the details as much as I can. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Cool stuff my Brother of Metal!
    A few important things to think about now :) Edges!!!!!!!!!!! You have quite a lot of soft edges, go in there and clean them up and put the sharp hard ones in there where its needed. Edges help sell the texture and material of what ever it is u r painting. Edges will also depend on the way the form is changing: turning forms will gradually get softer (like a sphere), flat surfaces r harder. But this applies to material too, solids are harder, fur is softer etc.
    Take a look at the wood u painted, something is odd about it and that would be the edges. Its too soft and also its got the same edges as the armour too.
    Also... a lil reminder... Think about what it is you are painting. When you paint those light, shadows and reflection on the armor, try to understand why thats happening and try guess where the reflected light is coming from.
    Gimme moooore!

  2. Ok I see what you mean. I use a soft brush for the whole thing and sometimes it is a pain for me to achieve a simple consistent line. But I really like the soft brush so I think I'll start trying to use the lasso tool for some edges.
    About the reflections and the lights on the armours, I started to realize that the armours seem to work exactly like a very distorted mirror. At least I'm thinking that is what happens.
    Again, thanks a lot for all your feedback :) I'll try to keep that in mind while I do the next ones.
    RIDE ON!