Thursday, 28 January 2010

This armour has more colour than a rainbow. I couldn't get it right but it was very good as a study. It needs more light. I seem to always finish these with less colour and light than the originals. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Very nice dude! Again... the lack of hard crisp edges is the thing thats missing! If you must lasso some areas, do give it a go. If soft brushes are your thing that is cool, you can always tighten and clean it up later (like at this stage). Zoom right in there and use a hard brush this time to cut some shapes out, it will be more readable that way as the soft brush can make things look a bit blurred. Cool studies! I am impressed with these!

  2. Thanks Ben! I'm really glad you're liking it. I'm enjoying the ride too, and although I know I really have a LOT to learn, I never thought that I would be doing this kind of stuff now. As I said before, your comments are helping a lot. In both ways.
    And yes, I'm lazy when it comes to zoom in and work on crisping everything. I'll try the lasso tool maybe. Or I'll just PUNCH the lazy voice!!
    RIDE ON!!

  3. Fuck Yeah! I noticed your late night update! Good man! Guess what.... Im painting right now too!!!!