Friday, 8 January 2010

Devido a recomeçar a desenhar pus-me a espreitar uma banda desenhada japonesa que um amigo aqui tem. Fiz as bocas e as mãos a copiar à vista do desenhador e os tipos do snowboard copiei-os de uma revista. Para os guerreiros usei um livro mas só como referência para as armaduras. Agora vou recomeçar a pintar mas estes dias já deram para ver o quanto é importante fazer bastantes sketches, portanto são para continuar. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. These look great Luis! I cant remember how your old drawings look, but I think these are a step up! The studies are helping out so definitely keep doing loads of them. And of course its good to do some of these imaginary stuff from ur head to test what you have taken in from the studies.
    Watch some of your lineweight. Take a look at picture two with the knights, the line thickness is the same throughout the image and often the lines looked overworked (with experience you will draw with less strokes and less hard). Take a look at some pro pencil drawers and put your work next to it and try to see what exactly is the difference between u two. Then when u spot that the pro might vary his lines more or other things he does differently that you like, add it to yourself!

  2. Thanks Ben :) Yes, I also think these are a bit better than what I used to do. I think it is clearly the pay off of the studies I've been doing lately and yes, I'm going to keep intense :)Thanks for the comments. I'll keep punching that whiny voice!!

  3. Hahaha yes!!!! Keep intense!!!! Btw, I emailed Bobby Chiu a while ago and told him that I was inspired by his streams and finally made it in the industry now. He replied too!