Thursday, 28 January 2010

When I don't post stuff it doesn't mean I'm doing nothing. Actually, lately I found again the love I used to have for drawing. Not only have I felt that it helps to improve my painting, it also makes me look into some stuff that I usually don't observe enough. So, these are all from photos except the one where people are in the chairs. That one was an attempt at drawing in the canteen. Have to find a better place for this kind of exercise. The animals I do it to try to get more acquainted with different anatomies, and the sport ones are just great to catch real bodies in action. And the hands, well I'm already feeling some improvement when I try to make a hand. So I have to keep them going.


  1. Fucking Yes man! You cant teach that shit! The fire and passion to draw! And observation!!!! Fuck Yes! I told u about how I rediscovered my fire too so Im glad u r doing the same my brother of metal! Nice hands and animal work. The figures are looking good too. Try some from imagination too so you can see what you are memorizing and what you are not. That way the next time you observe you can look out for things you struggled with from memory. Its a good exercise to observe and my "secret" to drawing and painting :P
    With the life drawings of the faces, try to draw more on the inside of the face too (like the shadows of the cheek bone or the joining of the jaw to the ear). At the moment they are mostly outlines. Its what you 'think' you see and maybe not what you actually see. Think to yourself: "This isnt a person or a face I am drawing. Its just a objects and shapes." Of course that is the theory, and you cant 100% ignore that its a person but the idea helps you to look at the face not as something you think you know the look of but to see them as simple shapes and relate them to other shapes... Example: Observe that the spine is like a S shape.
    You dont have to draw everything too. Sometimes what you leave is as effective as what you draw in.You might want to just suggest the details of all those fingers... Just because you see something there doesnt mean u have to draw them all in, what is necessary to say and what is just getting in the way? (focal points)
    Keep rocking amigo!

  2. Thanks man! It is weird this kind of (re)discovery but it makes me think about loads of things. Either way, I'm glad I'm back and I'm glad I don't plan to leave ever again.
    About the drawings, I started to do what you said, and now when I'm drawing from my imagination I have a book about anatomy next to me to look into if I need to. It helps loads, because you assess your problems immediately instead of dragging them for some weeks.
    I'm still having problems understanding the mechanics of how to suggest things instead of drawing everything. I understand the theory and the logic behind it, but I still have to grasp how to do it.
    Thanks again for your help and your feedback and your motivation and everything! Really!